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Hi all, I’d love some advice please about getting decent internet, if it’s not an impossibility! Up until recently our broadband has been pretty reasonable, unless it’s windy (!) but just in the last week or so it’s become atrocious: we rely on it for our businesses although we don’t have a business account.

Can anyone tell me what our options are please? We are not tech-savvy at all! Would we get a better service from Orange if we had a business account with them? I think they might sub-contract our account - how do we find this out? Our French is very limited in this kind of thing. I don’t feel confident about going to Orange to complain, so I’d rather just switch to another provider if possible.

I’ve checked the observatoire link I found in another thread here, and our coverage is the very lowest already: does anyone know what that means in terms of maximum download/upload speed available? We are near Saint-Lô.

I really need to do something, because without the internet we have nothing!

If speed was OK but now isn’t chances are there is a fault - Orange have an English speaking customer service line which I think is on 09 69 36 39 00

It can take a bit of patience to get through

Do you have a smartphone? If so download the My Livebox App. It will automatically diagnose your Livebox, connection and line.

Hello Chloe

Do what Paul has suggested. I’ve phoned that number a few times and they are always very helpful. I think it’s only available Monday to Friday during office hours.

Hope you get it sorted.

Thanks so much for the advice! I will call the number and see what I can find out. I’ll have a go with the app too David, although my phone is also rather temperamental… cheers!

IIRC 9-12AM and 2-5PM Mon-Fri

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I am new to this site. My wife and I (both Americans) just purchased a property in the Charente-Maritime with horrible internet service. Being extremely frustrated having no fiber availability and very poor ADSL, it was suggested that we look into NordNet. Has anyone used this service? They promise high speeds using satellite, which at the moment appears to be our best option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Satellite can be OK but has high latency (delay getting data to/from where you need) so it is very poor for gaming and so-so for browsing.

Check whether you might be getting higher speed access at

The next thing I’d look into is whether you could use a 3/4G internet connection - there are several sites to check coverage in your area such as

Thanks for your quick response and your advice. We are in the States now and will be returning to France for several months in August. This is very helpful information.