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Feel sure this must have been covered many many times BUT what Internet provider do you use and recommend? I am moving over in a month to 36370 near lignac, indre and looking into broadband now, also how long does it generally take and will my handset from the uk be okay to use? I thank you all in advance.

Yes - can be useful to have ex owners number and name as this helps them identify where you want the new number...

No I don’t but I can ask the immobilier for it - thank you

Don't you have the phone number of the people you are buying the house from?

if not, just take one at random out of the phone book from the same street.

Thanks Therese,

Tried that link and seems you need a telephone number in addition to a postcode? (Which I don’t have as yet). I seem to recall a test that only required your postcode to tell you what level of Internet served your location. I will be living on the edge of the brenne national park in the Indre so rural but not too isolated.

Thank you for the link

Hi Elaine, you need to check out what is available in your area by using an eligibility test such as this one:

It's all very well somebody recommending 'Free', for example, but if they don't cover your area you won't be able to use them. In rural France you won't have as much choice as someone living in a larger city.

Thank you heather and trehane (?) the people I have bought from already have Internet (he is a teacher) and the nearest orange shop is only 12 kms away, so maybe it will be a swift changeover. I only wish it could be organised on line as my French is limited but maybe the English immobilier, with excellent French will help. And thanks everyone for your contributions.

Elaine, that's the burning question. Again I would say if all goes to plan, 2 wks max, but does depend if it's city or countryside, if there's already been a line in etc. I would also recommend going into a shop & doing it face to face. Hope that helps

don't know how well your new place is connected, but if you hang on a simple old fashion "bell wire" all providers are the same. It depends if you need Internet only for normal use or if you work remotely. If the latter is the case you may be better off to be independent from certain disturbances. You are still in the UK, so have a look at a satellite ISP. I haven't had a single issue now for over a year.

Thanks everyone for comments -) how long on average does it take to get the systems up and going?

I would imagine they will push you to rent a new Livebox but you can pick them up at Brocantes or via Ebay for not much. Advantage of them suppying is that they replace it when you forget to unplug it before the storm ;-)

Thanks Steve and apologies. The old one was a Livebox, our current one is the EE Brightbox 2. I will make enquiries but I appreciate the reply.

I didn't know that Orange did Liveboxes in the UK ? You can make any ADSL router connect to the Orange line if you have the connection parameters but it's the VOIP Telephone that is more difficult.

We are coming over to the Charente Maritime in a month also. In the UK we are currently with Orange and despite my wifes new mobile phone bill going up from £35 a month to over £600 (apparently an App was working in the background she didn't even realise she had or use and they are looking in to sorting the matter out) they have been very good. I know I will end up calling Orange but it would be useful to have your feedback before I see what they have to say when I enquire as to whether our existing Livebox be compatible please?

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p.s. you can tell I am a complete techno phobe!

My speed went up 50% when I switched from Free to Orange, have been told that as Orange manage the line, they can "penalise" their competitors' customers.

Nothing new to add- Orange are generally OK, though 'patchy' on their technical support. €40 a month gets you unlimited calls europe, France + some others + unlimited French mobiles, + basic TV+ ADSL. My French neighbour swears by Free and claims to get less break up through the same telephone line than when he was with Orange. Fact or fiction - dont know. Perhaps a telephone techy out there could advise if the quality can improve with a different supplier but the same telephone line?????

I too use Orange basically because if there is a problem with the line, they get quicker support from the other part of what was France Telecom. First ADSL account we had was with Free (first with free calls abroad) where there was no real problem until the line went down and it took 10 days for the 2 companies to get their collective act together.

I haven't had any problems with Orange. I even rang at 05.30 AM on a Public Holiday to report a dead Livebox and got straight through to someone, I suspect in Morocco, who gave me an RMA number for a replacement to be collected the following day.

We use Orange. It would seem that many English people living in France have made a career out of whinging about Orange and its poor standard of service. All I can say is that we have always received excellent service both from our local Orange shop and from the technical people over the phone. They also have an English speaking Helpline if it's needed.