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Does anyone have experience of Free as an internet provider? We’re with Orange at the moment, who are OK, but Free say they can be 10€ month cheaper for the same ADSL service- no fibre here yet!
Many thanks for any help

Be aware that Free lease the lines from Orange so, in the event of problems (at the exchange or the copper to the house) you have to go through Free first and (not that I’m saying it happens of course) Orange may treat you with less priority.
Other than that, there have been many complaints here (and on other fora) about the poor service from Free.
Other than that, I have no strong feelings :slightly_smiling_face:
Price isn’t everything :wink:


Based on my phone experience with Free, linked to @graham 's comments above, one word.



I’d agree with Karen.

I’ve just changed from Orange to Sosh (who are owned by Orange).

It’s half the price and the only difference is that there is no phone help - just online, largely managed by AI (but it seems to work).

The changeover was absolutely seamless.


Gotta agree with Karen, don’t, have a look at reviews for Free.

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this advice was for Free :wink: :grin: ie at no cost :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve just got the Lebara data sim deal recommended by a kind person on here. I was with Free and they were frightful.

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You’re very funny.

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Yesterday July 16, I completed online the application form for Sosh internet. Despite my house being
173 years old and having lived it this particular abode for 18 years the form rejected my address as unknown.
Further online conversation resulted in a reply, that for the sum of 79 euros they would add my address to their register.
I am continuing, with some difficulty it being an on line conversation to dispel this disgraceful addition to an installation

Jack - I had the same problem initially. When I left my house number or of the address or was perfectly happy to recognise it. Having completed my order, I then logged into my account and added the house number.

I must say that the Sosh website is not very user friendly…

We had Free for our work appartment in Paris the service all worked OK but when we tried to cancel after 2 years they just ignored our request and kept taking the monthly payments it took us 3 extra months to get rid of them and they would not accept the router back in store we had to at our expense send it by UPS to an address they gave us. So in short good internet speed provided you keep them for life.

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Free keeps extending what you have to do to terminate them under ‘sans engagement’. The last time I looked you had to send a registered letter to a specific Paris Cedex address and give them 10 days notice.

I would NEVER give Free any notice except registered and avis de reception as well even though this incurs chunky fees at the Post Office. Ditto sending back the box to the specific address. Look at forums for comments about problems trying to get them to acknowledge and process the return of the box…

The quicker way is not to give notice at all. Just port to another provider. In theory that’s done in about a week and handled by the receiving provider. Just send a text(SMS) on your Free phone , to 3179 I think, and your PAC code your “RIO” in French is texted straight back. Give this to the other network you’ve signed up with and voilà no need for notice period and you won’t have to spend 3 weeks - 6 months chasing Free to get payments they should not have taken, back.

There is also a way of using the PAC code to just terminate without notice without having to port to another provider. It exists in the UK too. If I can find stuff on it I will try to remember to post again.

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I have had an account with Free for internet, mobile and landline. Then I tried SFR AND I am sorry to say that there were always problems so much so that I eventually closed my accounts and went back to Orange. Orange are more expensive but since they are the largest almost dominant telephone/internet provider in France they are the most reliable to use.

Worst internet provider, but a good mobile provider. If you need a sim card - FREE is a good option. BUT IF YOU WANT HOME INTERNET, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!
This is the worst experience, second month of having freebox as home internet and second month of constant problems (2 of 4 weeks sitting without internet). Support is pointless. They don’t fix the problem. Service is terrible.
In general, if you are looking for home internet - run from FREE.

not only that, but they own the infrastructure too…

Guess I will take the blame for the poor service you all got from Free. It must be because they have put all into giving us ott service. When fibre arrived we were with Orange/Sosh and canalsat for tv. Been with all of them many years no complaints. The combined net/mob./tv from Free was a good deal.We had issues with the way the fibre was installed Free were fast in coming to install it to our liking then the usual start up probs. All resolved by a phone call. Can’t comment on Free cancellations but no probs with old providers.

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I think @_Brian did - perhaps in another topic…

I hope not as I’ll be doing so in a few days. Never had a problem with Free.

Wait and see, Wozza, wait and see.

We used to be with Alice, then Free bought them out and we have been with Free ever since. That must be over 10 years problem free. Touch wood.