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Hi everyone ,Im new here but I think some of you have already met my wife Teresa.

In preperation for our move to France we are researching Internet radio so that Teresa can listen to her beloved Radio 4.

Weve more or less decided on the ROBERTS Revival iStream Internet DAB Radio, Black (its cheaper on Amazon).

I cant find a bad review for it ,everyone sings its praises,it takes a usb stick,Ipod and is portable as it can run on batteries ,this appeals to Teresa as she pictures herself sipping Rose under a parasol in the garden on a hot summers day listening to book of the week.

Ive not used internet Radio before and was hoping that some of you would be seasoned practioners,anythng we should look out for ,check before we purchase.

Any help really appreciated


Anthony, I use Spotify, which has a great range of Radio stations, and combined with a Logitech player connected to your WIFI you can use this with your spotify account , which means you can play all your favorite music wherever you want within range.

You can use Spotify on your Android , iPhone smartphone or iPad as well, which makes it ultra portable. So it's not just the radio , but all your favourite music. wherever you go


re battery life on wireless speakers - if used in the house or within range of an extension lead you can use the power bricks supplied. Otherwise rechargeable batteries are the best bet.

iPlayer is OK for radio but it won’t stream TV to a foreign IP.
Some people get round the TV problem by buying a subscription to a VPN (virtual private network) provider such as iportal

Ian G

Hi Guys and thanks for the replies,

to be honest we were under the assumption that you couldnt get Iplayer abroad that it was IP specific,so thats good news :)

We dont want to use a laptop or something similar as it would still need speakers etc and becomes so cumbersome to move.

The wireless speakers were next on our list to investigate as we both hate wires,are they not battery greedy though? Roberts reckon you can get 60 hours from the batteries in their radio.


There are alternatives to a radio-specific network device, such as a laptop/notebook computer on your wifi network which has selected BBC iPlayer. If only it would support Flash you could use your iPad too.
Both the Internet Radio and the Laptop would need, of course to receive a strong enough wifi signal. If your house is a crumbly damp stone place with metre-thick walls this could be problematic.
Assuming you will also want to watch BBC television, then your satellite receiver will enable you to listen to many radio channels, including Radio 4. In this case a pair of wireless speakers is a good idea; you plug the transmitter into the digibox audio outlet and take the speakers out to the parasol. They’re much cheaper than the Internet Radio too, at €89 - see
You’ll probably find they’ve got a better range than wifi, too.

Ian G

Or just go here:

Although I'm not sure how that would work with parasols and rosé... :)