Internet re-activation without being present?

We are one of the many people left high and dry by the UK Telecom change of hands. Our internet was cut off at the start of the year and finally UK Telecom are offering an alternative via Orange - but we have to be present to take receipt of new equipment and install.

Unfortunately this is for a holiday home and we cannot easily arrange delivery at a time we’re there. Previously UK Telecom sent equipment to us in the UK and we installed when visited.

I assume the previous supplier was SFR, as we have a Neufbox (NB4 model) still connected to the line. So I was wondering, if we take an Internet contract out with SFR, would the connection just come back to life? Or perhaps the old box would not be compatible with the new connection for some reason? Or maybe we need to reactivate the line beforehand - or will SFR do this with the new contract?

Unfortunately our French is nowhere near good enough to speak to SFR on the phone - which seems the only way for a non-customer to contact them.

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I had exactly the same problem and am currently using a 4g connection with extender which Is ok for controlling security cameras, lighting, emails and accessing websites but was painful when watching Lord of the Rings. However at less than €10 a month is ok for use as a holiday home. But at some point i will need fibre as I’d like to be able to work remotely for a few months each year snd came across this useful website to help find what’s available at your own address, its a shame it doesn’t compare prices over a 2 or 3 year period.