Internet service providers

I'm currently a customer. I find their client service incredibly bad and their email service even worse. They will reject emails sent from my friends on some days and let them pass on other days. I even had emails I tried to forward from my Yahoo account to my Free email account rejected. When I send them their rejection notices asking what is the problem, I get no answer. It's extremely difficult getting in contact with them via their chat line. My neighbor uses SFR and gets twice the line speed as I get so it's got to be Free that is restricting their line speed, not France Telecom who owns the lines. Does anyone else get bad service from Free or any other of the service providers? Are there any good ISP's?

I used Free for many years but having had a problem this year that needed them to get FT to look at the line and wanting to make some economies, I have just switched to Orange. Price has come down slightly, speed has tripled and when I have called them phones get answered promptly by people that speak French I understand (Their s*dding voice activated answering system doesn't understand me though). Cerise on the gateau was that as a new customer, after cash back from Orange and Samsung, I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for nothing.

I suspect you are suffering from a new company syndrome. They rush out the product, get lots of customers, and haven't really thought about support. Seen it a hundred times. Their undoubtedly tiny support staff are probably just over whelmed.

The problem is in France, you hear the same problems with pretty much all the suppliers, and you are lucky if you get good service. My own WIMAX service is fast enough, but it keeps dropping the signal every 30 mins or so, which is a real pain.

I'm sure in the large cities this is not a problem, and we are just experiencing the joys of rural living, which I suspect the inhabitants of parts of Scotland also enjoy ;-)

It would be interesting though to hear from people who are really happy with their service.