Internet woe

Yeah. What you said. Whatever it means.

Windows 3.11 was the sweet spot for me - à continual decline since then. And don’t get me started on broadband Internet, give me dial-up any day. I long for the days of a 9 pin printer, I cant stand the silence or the higher resolution of a laser printer. The joy of loading programs via cassette whilst the melodic code trickles in.


I find the UI to be a huge step back in terms of accessibility. Having to rummage through the many pages of Settings to find Device Manager for example.

I’m sure the main source of dislike is that the menu structure Windows users have got used to since Win 95 is substantially changed and less intuitive.

Totally agree :rofl:

The generation of the air interface technology makes no difference to antennae, it’s the frequency of operation that matters.

5th Generation cellular radio specs do include millimetric band frequencies, but they won’t be used outside of city centres as the propagation distances can be as low as a few hundred metres.

‘Surveillance capitalism’.
Interesting view here:

But that is the way of most tech these days…Google, Apple, Android, Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp etc,etc, I suggest that unless you do virtually nothing on line then all you can do is be selective to reduce this…I won’t use Facebook, Instagram,
In fact I think Microsoft operating framewory/system is better than most coming originally from the commercial world.

Right click the start menu icon.

Overall I agree though - some settings seem a bit too buried in W10

There is a theory that it is now so ingrained that not having an online profile is suspicious in itself.

I agree it’s quite hard to keep a low profile though. I won’t use FB or What’s App on my phone - but there was certain some pressure to join the work What’s App group (i declined) and just trying to get people to see that there migh be an issue is often uphill work.

Interesting view…as its the only SM platform we use mainly to keep in touch and pics’ with our daughter’s in UK, who of course we haven’t seen for 18 months. we don’t have Apple, and Zoom and Skype are not so easily convenient as WhatsApp…Needs must,
And you do use SF which is a social media app…I sometimes wonder how easy it would be for a ner’ do well to profile a user from posted info!

If you are concerned about security, an alternative to WhatsApp is Telegram which was recommended in another thread by @toryroo IIRC who is very security aware about the way FB collects data.
Telegram can also be used on the desktop.
The user experience and functionality between Telegram and WhatsApp is virtually the same - except of course for the security issues.

If I had a big need for a WhatsApp type app I’d probably look at it, but when everyone else is on WhatsApp and can’t see a problem there’s probably not much chance of persuading them to change platform.

That said, I noticed on starting to use Telegram that some WhatsApp users of my acquaintance already had a Telegram account.

Easy way is this:
Windows 10 includes a hidden menu that includes shortcuts to essential computer management utilities. If you press Windows+X on your keyboard or right-click the “Start” button, the menu will appear. Select “Device Manager” from the list. I use right click on the start menu …

Our family group changed to Signal rather than Telegram - better privacy etc than WhatsApp, but also not-for-profit.

We’re getting spoilt for choice with all these options. Someone has just roped me into Watsapp but I haven’t used it yet and now there are all these options. :grin:

I had a look at Signal, I seem to remember - is it one of these like WhatsApp that has to be tethered to a smartphone? I know most of them do :thinking:

Added - just checked… it does… hmmm

Well, it’s VERY strange that whilst I never had a functional problem with 4G, now that 5G has been launched (I’m still using 4G) before 8AM I get no signal whatsoever and also around midday - as well as 8 o’clock in the evening, when I get total shutdown once again.


Probably somebody near you watching an old television in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the evenings.

Didn’t someone wipe out a whole village’s wifi that way?