Interpreter wanted

Yay! We’ve reached the 5 year mark now we can apply for French nationality. Thank you so much Catherine Higgson for doing the ground work for us. it was very useful. Now I need an interpreter to translate all the necessary documents. Anybody out there able to help. We live in Dept 47, near Nerac.

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Just a small point - interpreters talk. Translators translate written documents. I think you in fact you need to be looking for a translator, not an intepreter.

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Look under ‘traducteur assermenté’ in the Pages Jaunes and ask for references, not all of them are properly fluent or sufficiently knowledgeable about specific subjects to do a really good job (this isn’t me being mean, this is what I witnessed in a court case, the T A in question made so many mistakes it was embarrassing).

Thanks Anna. I realise this now that you have pointed this out. I just got a bit excited knowing that I can actually apply now!

Thank you, Veronique. I was hoping, somebody might be able to recommend someone. Guess I’ll resort to the yellow pages.

This site might help… I found one for you, using Aquitaine as the reference…

Langes: Anglais, Néerlandais

FONGRAVE Lot-et-Garonne Traducteur : Oui

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That’s so kind of you Stella. Thank you very much! Will check this out.

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