Intra communitarian number - do you need one?

Hi All,

Does anyone know if itis Worth getting a TVA Inter Communitaire number? I've been asked if I have one, but as an AE I don't charge TVA; but I may be working for an overseas company in the future. My revenue is well Under the ceiling, and is likely to remain so for quite a while. I've always understood there is a signficant amount of paperwork with TVA and possibly the need for audited accounts. Hmmm. I don't want to turn down the work, but if it means a whole load more taxes, charges and hastle, I may have to :( Any advice would be gratefully received!

Thanks Steve, I think I may fall foul of an internal accountancy rule, rather than an official rule - sometimes you just can't win!!

There is only one VAT number for a company, it is used for both domestic (ie France) and European business. If you aren't registered then you don't have to worry when you invoice customers outside of France