Introducing a new cat

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I have 2 cats, one is 15 yrs old, the other is 6, both neutered males. I have taken in the 3 yr old male cat from my son and wife who due to various circumstances can no longer keep him. They adopted him from a refuge 2 yrs ago.
I have to juggle between making sure my cats are outside before letting the new one out of his room. He is going mad shut in there. Nights are hell, as he starts scratching the door and carpet at 3am and I have to go and sleep in his room with a water spray, even then he wont settle down. My cats have to be kept inside at night and I cant take the risk of letting the new one out of his room at night. He’s been here a week now, they have met a couple of times but my old cat gets very upset and the younger one gets chased. He’s basically a nice cat. Has anyone any ideas how to go about this. Introducing 1 cat to 1 other isn’t too bad but with 2 its hard. Feliway everywhere and obviously does no good at all.

Maybe @Lynn_STONE can offer some advice?

Hi James.I did contact her. She sent the standard

Having a bit of trouble here…when I go to reply on the computer it says I don’t have an account. So Lynn sent a pdf with the standard advice .I.m sure she hasn’t time to give individual advice.

Hi Suzy,
the advice given normally works but there are obviously no guarentees and as stated in the first sentence, patience is the key.
As soon as the new cat is allowed to go outside where territory is more neutral, the situation eases but you can’t force the cats. One week just isn’t enough time for any of them.
Feliway diffusers normally works in small spaces, in larger areas it is lost, you could try feliway spray but it isn’t magic and more useful for stressed cats that are spraying.
Time and patience is the key, they may never get on but once allowed outdoors to expend energy the situation should ease.

Hi Lynn. Thanks for replying. All the advice everywhere doesn’t say what to do if the new cat won’t stay in the room…I.'ve got a feliway in there so quite a small area. I feel bad for my cats having to stay outside all day. Encouraging that you say it.ll get better when the new one goes outside.:smiley_cat: