Introduction - Canuck from Toronto area living near Paris

Hi everyone, I’ve just found this forum after having moved to France from Ontario, Canada in 2001.

I’m a 53 year old Canuck who was briefly married to a woman from Marseille and who now has a beautiful 16 year old (bilingual) daughter, and work for IBM France in Software.

I play electric guitar (played in many bands including one that recorded an album in Tampa Florida in 1990) and enjoy the heavier side of rock/metal, even in my older age.

I live in a house in a smallish town about 20km east of Paris (between Paris and Disney Paris) and have a full recording studio in my basement. I also have a cat named Jax.

I’m looking to meet and chat / hang out with other anglophones (Canadian, British, American, Australian) who live in the Paris area - especially those who are into listening to/playing music, going to concerts, watching movies, drinking in pubs, watching/playing hockey, etc. You know, all the things that Canucks like me enjoy doing regularly.

My daughter and I visit Canada every summer for a month to do all these things with family and friends.

I’m divorced, so currently looking to meet a pretty lady who has similar interests, preferably someone who has a british accent! I really can’t resist a beautiful female british accent. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and hoping to meet some interesting people on here! Cheers eh! Ken


Hello and welcome.

What S/W area are you working in?

Hi John, pleased to meet you!

I am a Critical Situations manager for IBM Maximo, Tririga, Envizi, EIS and OMS products.

This I’ve been doing since 2013 but I started at IBM France in 2001 as a Technical Account Manager covering the Lotus Notes / Domino product (which became IBM Notes/Domino and then was sold to a company in India - which is why I switched products and became a Critsit Manager).

Do you have experience in the IT industry as well?


I do, though I’ve been retired since 2011 and only keep a casual eye on industry developments.

I didn’t know Notes had been sold, thanks for bringing me up to date :slightly_smiling_face: I see IBM seems to have realised a good price for it from HCL, but IMO they way overpaid for RedHat.

I’m not really sure about IBM’s direction in general. Ginni Rometty was a disaster even before she took over as CEO and then she drove the Company into the ground. I’m not sure Arvind Krishna has the vision or charisma to make IBM great again (to paraphrase a certain politician). In my opinion IBM hasn’t had a good leader since Gerstner. :slightly_smiling_face:

IBM created a new company called ´kyndryl’ which is now its own operating entity. Many staff had to move to the new company or leave.

IBM is very small now in France.

I thought this was an English speaking forum, didn’t understand a word of all that, but welcome anyway @KwakeCanuckInFrance , you’ll find plenty on here who know what you’re talking about. :wink: :rofl:

Now where did I put my abacus. :thinking: :slightly_frowning_face:

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My son in law works for a big SV company in IT. He was rather chuffed yesterday after google requested him to sort out a problem they were having and couldn’t do it themselves.

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I agree with everything you think about IBM leadership, although I am in the Employee Stock Purchase Program so I can’t but root for their success! :wink:

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Thank you M. Spardo! Pleased to ‘virtually’ meet you!


Yes, IBM has spun off the outsourcing business and most of the folks in that business moved to Kyndryl (a stupid name that means nothing), each IBM share split into an IBM share and a Kyndryl share.

IBM traditionally divests declining (as they see it) business lines but I’m not convinced this one was a smart move. I’m reliably informed that the relationship between IBM and Kyndryl is not good as Kyndryl is parnering with companies (eg MS) that the residual IBM sees as competitors. No surprise there.

I see IBM stock as stable over longer periods of time, not a big grower or loser…just a kind of ‘old faithful’ that I hope will remain stable until I retire in about 10 years from now.

I did get a few Kyndryl stocks when they left - but I don’t see much promise in it compared to big blue.