Introduction from 2 Newbies

Hello All,

I have been given a bit of a prod to the effect that I might have introduced myself and my wife before coming on here to ask for advice and guidance.

Quite right too, although I must say in my defence that I did do exactly that back in September when we were over on holiday / recce, but I guess we should update now we are here permanently.

So I am Shaun and my wife is known to all as Ness (short for Vanessa and not a reference to the Loch monster).

We moved here on the 1st November and so have been here almost one month.

We are currently living out in St Jean d'Illac, some 18kms NW of Bordeaux, and have a six-month contract on a holiday home currently - the only way we could figure to get a foot on the ground and give us some grace to find more permanent rented accommodation in Bordeaux.

So we love France and Aquitaine and think Bordeaux is wonderful.

We are slowly getting to grips with living in France as opposed to being on holiday. So car bought, bank account nearly open, language skills being addressed, mobile phones to come shortly, and then to look for that permanent accommodation.

We intend to set up a business in the area around Physical and Emotional wellbeing. Ness is a qualified personal trainer and gym bunny, I am a qualified life / performance coach and counsellor. We are both on Linked-In if you want to catch up and find out a bit more about us. We WILL be in contact to do some advertising in due course Mr Admin - honest! :)

Planning to become auto entrepreneurs and so if anyone has advice, guidance, dos and don'ts about such a move it would be welcome.

Still trying to sort out socialising and meeting up with both expat and French people (bit quiet out in St Jean d'Illac for us really) and generally finding out the lie of the land and what's what.

Hopefully that's enough to give you a sense of who we are.

Shaun and Ness

Bit far as a rule but I get to Bdx now and again too, usually the airport, medics or ikea. There are a fair few of us between Bdx and Bergerac, I am actually beyond that some. We certainly try to meet up occasionally on the edge of Bergerac now and again, which one of us should suggest doing some time. If you are out and about you would be welcome.

The site was started by my husband James and myself. He now owns / runs SFN and I pop in when I stagger back from work :)

It's best if you email / phone him direct to talk advertising rates / page views / visitors and other such stuff.... Email is and direct line is 0558915706.

Chat soon!

C x

Hi Shaun

Absolutely NO apology required re the introduction / posting thing. Can you please PM either James or myself and let us know who it was who 'prodded'? Thank you.

Best wishes


Ps - we get to Bordeaux quite a lot as daughter no 1 is there and it's about an hour and a half away, so hopefully we will get to meet in person at some point! Or if you fancy a day out in Dax, drop by and say hello...!