Introduction to Private Detectives in France

My name is Graham Dooley and I have been in France since 1991. I am a Private Investigator and have held a government licence since 1996. I believe I am the only brit to hold a licence. I specialise in tracing / missing persons, Insurance work and fraud enquiries. Most of my work centres either in Paris or South West France but I operate throughout the country. Anyone doing this work without the licence is subject to heavy fines even imprisonment. To obtain the qualifications it is necessary to go on a specialised lerning course equivalent to a degree - and when you have you papers you then have to find your clients - which takes years.

The UK passed the Private Security Act in May 2001 but they are still awaiting the new licence, however France has had licensed Detectives since 1825 when they were established as the first “Offices of Private Police Force” by the Prefect of Police in Paris. Lawyers in France are technically not allowed to carry out investigations on behalf of a client - they simply present the evidence, the facts and points of Law to the variouis tribunals - The PI is the person who does the work.

I have survived almost 20 years in France - yes I have had my problems with the Impot, CIPAV, URSSAF and god knows every other organisation in France - I have been divorced in France. I have a wealth of experience and I am willing to share it on an amicable and professional basis. I have been asked on many occasions to head an association to assist those ex-pats in need. I am approaching retirement so I might just think about it.

I have an office in Saint brieuc, Brittany and share an office in Paris with a close friend and associate.

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