I've just joined this site and was directed to the 'introduce yourself' page. I'm a bit cautious - the last entry I can see was 2010! I think I might have made a mistake! Nonetheless, I'll share the reason I joined the site. Born in the UK but having spent all my adult life in Australia, I have always had a very strong desire to spend some time in France. Not sure why 'France' but France it is. I'm taking 3-4 months off my usual routine to head over there. Ideally, I would like a house/pet sit arrangement, not sure how feasible that is, but I'm exploring the options. Ii'm hoping to pick up some useful tips and information from Survive France!! Thank you :)

Probably the middle 2 weeks but we are not 100% certain yet. It would involve 2 dogs ( I x spaniel cross, the other is a young Rhodesian ridgeback) an elderly (and well behaved) horse, 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs. If you are not already deterred, please send me a PM and I can tell you more!

Hi Susan

We are actually looking for a house / pet sitter for 2 weeks in July...? We're in Les Landes - near the coast?

C&J x

Hi Susan,

As John says it's a sound idea. Have you retained your British Passport? If you have this should smooth your path substantially in the EU. You might do well to do a search for a house sitting agency. But putting out a request here in SFN could also work.

Hi Susan and welcome,

Now if I could swap france for Australia or even NZ but they have made it quite plain they don't require me LOl

Your idea is a sound one, a few months should give you the flavour, don't forget to include the cold times as france always look inviting in summer but if you are contemplating moving there the winters are no where near as much fun.