(Jon Watson) #1

Hi my name is Jon and I live with my partner who is a ceramic sculptress in Eymet.

We have been in france for two and a half years and are finding the last few months hard going.
I left a sucessful job in the UK as a manager in a hospital, worked for 2 years when I came over here for a car rental company for SMIC it was hard work with not a word of thanks it was a real wake up call .

I am qualified as a nurse in the UK and early in th eyear made the appropriate investigations with DDASS regarding becoming registered over here, that being so I quit my job to start a 3 month unpaid formation at a local hospital after which i would recieve another language assesment and then hopefully revieve my IDE which would enable me to practice in France, however this was halted after a month by DDASS saying that this was an unauthorised formation and they would not sanction it even though it was them that told me to arrange it myself when I asked for help with an introduction to the local hospital.

After battling with them for two months my formation recommences in January for two months although with the attitude I have faced I am not that hopeful that the rules wont change again. Add into all of this the fact that I only had the funds to cover 3 months of no work I am locked in a battle with pole d emploi now.

Sorry to begin my intro on such a down note but it seemed easier to get the explanations out of the way first.
Looking forward to being part of the group


(Catharine Higginson) #2

Dear Jon
Sorry to hear about all that - do make contact with Magali Bosser who is a network member as well as a personal friend. She is French and a registered nurse - I’m sure she will prove helpful if you run into more administrative problems. Good luck!

ps do urge your wife to join the artists group too!