(Craig Bowles) #1

Crikey… this kinda feels like what I would imagine an AA meeting might be like… Hi I am Craig and I have survived France now for 4yrs 3months and 11 days!

I trained as an actor in London many moons ago, and now live and ‘work’ here in the south of France (which means cleaning pools, cutting grass, gardening and anything else that will make a buck).

Have recently however performed a new play written by Christopher Neame called 'Three Weeks in May' which is set in an apartment in Cannes during the Film festival. Our premier performances went well and now we are looking for venues both here in France and further afield (Spain, Holland, Channel Islands, UK....) where we can find an English speaking audience that might be starved of theatre.

We have a website which now has info about this first play, the first of many we hope....

Sooooo if there is an audience out there, with a venue begging to be used..... let me know!


(Catharine Higginson) #2

Love the intro and the AA reference…!

(Craig Bowles) #3

Ahhhh… thanks, seen my glaring error which comes of not proof-reading my intro, the link should be
I will have a look at the ad however Toulouse is a bit of a hike.

(Martin Parker) #4

Hi Craig,

Welcome to the forum!

Just tried your link but it does not work.

Not quite the same, but the English Pantomime Society have been giving annual performances in the Pibrac nr Toulouse for twenty odd years. I have no idea of costs involved etc but it may be worth making contact with them. You can get the details from the ad for their latest panto -