Inventory Detail for Customs

For moving to France (from US), how detailed does the inventory need to be for customs? Do we need to list every single item (e.g. a spatula), or do common things get lumped together (e.g. “kitchen utensils”)? Do we need to list the value of each of those items or groups of items, and if so, would we be giving what we paid for them, or what they’d sell for at a garage sale? Thanks.

Have you looked through he service public info? They say “Inventaire détaillé, estimatif, daté et signé (en 2 exemplaires) des biens et objets mobiliers que vous envisagez de transférer en France” but perhaps if you dig down or look at FAQs it will give examples

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Thanks Jane. That’s exactly the sentence we were looking at (at that URL), and wondering how détaillé it needs to be. To be safe, I think we’ll list every single item, and for the value, guess (estimate) what it would sell for in its used state, like at a garage sale. There’s a double-edged sword here, since we’ll be paying our moving company a percentage of our declared value for their insurance, and that would be based on replacement costs. I was hoping we could hear from those who have made the move, to find out what worked for them.

When we moved all the stuff from Oz I had to do this, I pretty much listed everything, although I did chunk some things together like ‘towels’, ‘tshirts’ etc. I just guessed at value for replacing second hand (as you say you have to pay for the insurance!). this was all fine when dh collected from Le Harve.

Do be aware of the port costs, we paid over €900 just to pick it up, we drove to Le Harve (7 hours?) as Bordeaux (1 hour) was going to be about 3 times that :money_mouth_face: :crazy_face:

Thanks for that, Tory. Scary about the port costs, as those are explicitly excluded in my mover’s estimate.

I’d really ask questions, we didn’t even more furniture, it was just boxes.

Do think about what needs to be shipped. We only came from UK, so basically put everything into a lorry and drove over. About 30 boxes remain unopened 12 years later (and there are also a few in the basement of our rental flat that have been there for 20 years). A lot of the furniture we sold or gave away as didn’t suit new house. Most electrical items we’ve replaced.

We would have been better off selling off an awful lot of things and just bringing over the very personal things like the paintings and art works.

Hi Jane. Good point. My wife’s into minimalism, and we sold almost all of our furniture last week, so we’ve already culled.

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