Invitation from beyond. .

Just had a rather creepy Facebook experience.
It was suggested that I might likely to “Add Friend” someone who I know to have been dead for several years.
A quick Google seemed to indicate that the only people who can ask for an account to be deleted are immediate family on production of appropriate proof of decease. I happen to know that her widower is not a computer user.
It seems possible that there could be a lot of ghosts still haunting Facebook.
Can anyone suggest how I could give her a decent cyberspace burial?

It’s when they start messaging you that you need to worry Mike.


my mate died in the uk some five years ago, and i still get an email every year,purporting to be him;
there are more than a few sick bastards out there! still, gives me the chance to raise a glass to his memory!

Very few people bother to completely wipe disks when disposing of old computers. I once bought one with contact details for someone’s “auntie.”
Even with a failed HDD, I drill a hole throught it before dumping it.
Still not sure how to identify the memory module in tablets/phones.

I usually dismantle them for the magnets and small screws, harvesting PCBs can be useful as well as they can sometimes be used to rescue faulty disks long enough to retrieve data.

Then destroy the platters with a hammer or just thoroughly scratch them with something sharp.

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