Invitation 'preparation de votre retraite'

out of the blue I have just received a letter from securitie sociale asking me questions related to ‘preparer mon retraite’.
Amongst other things, it asks me to confirm the number of ‘trimestres’ worked in the UK since the beginning of my working life.
I am not sure what this is all about. I worked in UK but not here and I get a UK pension. I am not expecting any french pension so do not see what this questioning is about.
Can anyone shed any light on it please ?

I’d suggest there’s a mistaken identity situation… or someone trying to sell a package :wink: :wink:

Is it Ameli or Security Sociale itself or which?

If you’ve never paid anything in… I can’t see them wanting to pay something out… but who knows… perhaps we all have a chance at the jackpot :wink:

EDIT: this rings a bell … in the last few months there was another poster mentioning this, but I can’t recall the outcome.
Have you ever had to declare a gite income or something similar… ??


here’s the other thread…

I wonder if its a standard letter to every brit registered with URSSAF for their social security number which gives you your carte vitale? Both of my french pension providers have never asked for trimestres worked in the UK, they actually sent me details of when I lived and worked in the UK which they must have obtained from the UK Pensions people automatically. You would have been sent a lot of forms to fill in for the french pension as well, so just a letter maybe an error or standard issue.

The Letter you’ve received could be a follow-on from this earlier enquiry/situation…

thanks for this Stella. It is indeed the same one.

So as an AE you have made contributions to the French system, so may well be due a pension? Therefore something will have triggered the computer to send you this.

They bung off these letters every so often once you get a bit old.

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