iPad and RAW files

My laptop is getting on in years and I’ve been wondering whether to just use my iPad for image editing. I always shoot RAW and believe that I won’t be able to do that with any current image editors, but then I’m only an enthusiast who occasionally gets enlargements done and hangs them on the wall…so am I over complicating things? Jpeg’s will be fine won’t they?

Any comments and advice appreciated.

Affinity Photo for iPad has just been released. Looks ideal and gets good reviews. Used a trial version on my Mac but Dx0 is my current favourite for working with Raw files.

RAW files contain much more information, if you only edit jpegs you will not have the latitude for correction and manipulation that the RAW files offer.

Affinity for iPad has RAW file editing capabilities. If it’s as good as the Mac version Adobe won’t be far behind. At the moment there’s no trial version for iPad but it is cheap!

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