Ipad battery

Hi. Does anyone know if there are Apple shops in Periguex or Angouleme that would replace an ipad battery whilst i wait.

I could be wrong but I don’t think there is an Apple shop anywhere in the world which will replace a battery while you wait because the shops aren’t set up to do any repairs - they just send stuff off.

You might be able to find an independent.

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Would a power bank or power pack help as an instant fix? Something like this one:

iPad Powerbank

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Not sure that’s correct Paul, we changed the wife’s iphone battery last year in an Apple store in the UK, we dropped it off and picked up a couple of hours later.

Think the nearest Apple store for Teresa would be Bordeaux, the shop in Angouleme is an approved reseller so may not have the batteries in stock.

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Thanks all. It just runs down so fast now. Im in the uk soon so might try there.


You could email them and check if they can do it. As others have said, it won’t be instant though.

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Out of interest what model? Also don’t forget Teresa asked about iPad battery replacement.

Here’s a ’ hairy’ solution, do-it-yourself. I don’t recommend it :fearful:

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It was a 6, they was an issue with all the batteries so it was replaced for £25.

Ipad batteries are not cheap, perhaps as much as £100 in an Apple store.

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