IPad problems with connections

My Ipad has had a major melt down today.

Absolutely fine for emails, basic internet browsing, that sort of thing. But when I connect VPN and try to watch TV is generally says I am not connected to internet. Or just whirls in an irritating fashion.

Not a VPN issue I think as having no problems with same VPN on laptop.

Did the usual - close down everything and restart, cleared cache, uninstalled BBC app and reinstalled, changed servers on VPN.

Any suggestions as to what to try next…in very simple words in English?

I always find that iOS/ iPadOS virtually stops working completely for the month before the public release of a new ‘number’ which given iOS16 is probably in due 5/6 weeks time, sounds about the time where everything goes awry. Which having said all that probably has nothing to do with your issues at all, but it is always something I suggest to people if they start having issues at this time of year. I’m on the dev beta of 16 so I’m not sure how stable 15.6 or whatever it is now actually is, but it’s something to keep at the back of your mind.

was that a complete close down (ie hard reset) - ie pressing the home button on the front and the on-off button on the side together and holding until the the Apple logo appears on the screen?
When it comes back up (usually a minute or two) you may have to re-enter your password (but not always) Make sure you do press until the logo appears on the screen though, otherwise it’s only a soft reset…
I’ve found that usually resolves most connection issues. It should remember all your settings (except sometimes screen icons you have placed in certain places) but they can be easily reconstructed.

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Double press of the home button to bring up the “deck of cards “ view of the active apps and then swipe them upwards to close. Then shut down normally.

Hard reset : Home and power buttons held down until it power cycles is CTRL-ALT-DEL for iThings.

May the blessing of Saint Steve of Jobs be upon you for all the help you are giving the iOS team!

otherwise known as the 3 finger salute in windoze parlance :rofl:

Well it’s been hard asleep all night now, as closed everything and powered off using slider, so will soon see if it’s restored itself.

There is a factory reset option. What would I lose if I did that?

If my OH is anything to go by - the will to live. :roll_eyes:
I wish you luck.


you’d have to start from scratch again… it’s the way to go if you want to sell your iPad and not allow the next user access to your data.
But the hard reset is the way to go in this case imo. Factory reset is the “sledge hammer” option to crack a nut.

There’s various Reset levels to reset application/keyboard/network settings which SHOULDN’T* delete any user data.

“Erase all contents and settings” is the thermonuclear/scorched Earth option that will default your iThing back to “as shipped” status.

  • User experience may vary now that Apple is run by Team Clownshoes.



It is a liitle more responsive today, and does seem as if issue might be the vpn.

I’ve loaded on a new one (7 day free trial) - which has the same issues. Have the vpn blockers got more sophisticated?

did you try the hard reset?

Many times!