iPad2 and Wordscraper (Facebook app)

I'm sure loads of people on here have iPad's and have found an issue with Flash on websites....what are the options/solutions?

I can do nearly everything else I want but I have played this game for a number of years and I have to keep reverting back to using my Windows laptop to do so now. I do use the laptop for other things so no huge deal, but I would like to know what solutions people have for the Flash issue.

Thanks guys and lasses...

Cheers Krister, I’ll give them a look.

Thanks Brian, I have given I swifter a try and although it works albeit slowly, it does not support opening another tab.

A bit of searching gave:



I don't have an iPad, so I can't comment further.

Yes, thanks for that Brian. I was aware of that but wondered if any of the clever people on here knew of any work-arounds that actually work!