Ireland vs England on a Paddy's weekend 🙂

Should be an interesting match tomorrow, not least of all for the Farrell family. The atmosphere will be incredible. I used to host clients to six nations matches, I’d love a ticket to this one :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Irish descended and rugby fan OH has a major dilemma,


Very inconsiderate :joy:

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I’m sure the Irish will win the Six Nations again on a less inconvenient date - amazing record for such a small population (in number - we’re certainly not talking leprechauns!) .

Watched the second half out of curiosity (football’s always been my sport of choice) and was astonished by how, despite the logos and tight shorts etc, rugby appeared to have retained its brutal mediaeval roots and how some of the (white) players looked like peasants straight out of Breughel’s genre paintings.

By all means call me prejudiced, (which of course I am) but I’d readily choose any meal (or even a light snack) over a rugby match.

Probably not going to get many likes on SF -

Mais félicitations , et bon appétit !