Irish driving license out of date question

(Evelyn Doody) #1

It’s out of date and I contacted Ireland about it but they tell me since I’m resident here in France I must now apply to obtain an E.U. driving license.
Can anyone give me info on this? Do I go to my local prefecture?

(Mandy Davies) #2

Hello Evelyn

Have a look at this thread. There is a useful link in one of the posts. Apparently it is all done online now.

(Evelyn Doody) #3

I’m not sure if that applies to me. My current driving licence isn’t British and is out of date since 2013! I just happened to come across it as I was checking on our passports.
Has anyone changed their out of date driving licence for an E.U. driving licence and not a French one?

(Mandy Davies) #4

I’m not sure why this doesn’t apply to you. Ireland is in the EU so the rules for exchanging your licence are the same as for a UK licence. If you are living in France then you need to apply for a French licence. Presumably, the reference to an EU licence just means the new style of licence which was introduced in all EU countries in 2013 so that every country used the same format and categories.

The rules and process required are explained in this link.

(Anna Watson) #5

Things keep changing but last I heard, France will not exchange an expired EU licence (obviously), what they need is a statement from your home State to confirm your current entitlement to drive. There seems to be no problem getting DVLA to issue this, it seems to be a standard procedure.

(Georgina taylor) #6

Evelyn, check this out:
I have just messaged the email address given and I’m hoping I can renew my Irish licence from France, it mentions that you can renew your Irish licence within 10 years of expiry. Good luck.

(Evelyn Doody) #7

Thanks Georgina. I emailed the NDLS and they tell me I must go into their office in person. I emailed them back asking could I do it on a visit during summer as I’m resident in France - no reply. Hope you get a speedy reply from them!

(Georgina taylor) #8

That’s a pity you can’t renew from here :frowning_face:
I’m hoping I can as I’m worried that mine will expire if I send it off for exchange for the French one especially as it seems to be taking a few months to get the French licence.