Is a Centre Hospitalier a sub-branch of a CHU?

I need to have some blood tests done and my Specialist has asked me to do them at a CHU rather than the local lab I have previously used. Unfortunately the nearest CHU is 90 km away. There are several Centre Hospitaliers within 30 km which take appointments for blood tests. Are these offshoots of the CHU regional? Don’t really want a 180 km round trip just for blood tests.

Only difference is that one is linked to a university and the other isn’t.

I would ask the specialist, secretary to check and advise? I’m no doctor but it could be the tests you need are more special than usual.
Google C H U and good luck.


Both are centre hospitalier, but a CH is centre hospitalier université, so is linked to a university (To me that is the equivalent of a teaching hospital). And both will specialise in diagnosis.

Have a look there for the definitions. The important thing is that both are public facilities, not private.

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Thanks JaneJones. Will go to the nearest CH lab, presuming they will send the sample to the regional centre if it needs specialist processing.

As others have mentioned, a CHU is a specialist university teaching hospital which has access to a much wider array of tests than most labs. There is likely a reason the specialist made this request and the only way to find out is to ask him/her. It could be that the test involves some kind of gene panel testing or some other advanced procedure that is not available from a local test lab. It could just be a degree of snobbishness on the specialist’s part and overkill, but if visiting a CHU is such an undertaking then for sure check in order to avoid an unnecessary journey.

I’d expect the peripheral hospital lab to send them to the regional lab, is this not done in France?

For the vast majority of tests there is a local lab. A friend is due to have a more specialist gene testing, and that will go to the lab in the town. Very little is transferred to regional level.

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