Is a Siret needed?

A pal planning on starting a new life here has asked me whether I know of restrictions for starting up a dog-grooming business. I think it's meant that there would be no premises, but with correct equipment and training that is planned on being aquired in UK, and a 'round' being built up here in France.

Can anyone advise what would be needed, and whether in their opinion such a venture has a likelihood for success, given that there are 2 such ex-pat enterprises in our near region at present? It has always struck OH and I that here is such a tough place to find or create work, especially at present, and I don't want to give false hope or duff advise!

Thanks Brian,

I'm still getting used to the (new for me) Forum, with not much time on my hands for the mo, but will explore it better next rainy day. In that case perhaps their french needs a good brushing up on, especially written, to take an exam/course, even tho' I think it's envisaged it will mainly be ex-pat clients - and of course the canines won't give a chuff what language is being spoken!!!

Yes, you need a SIRET, that is just for starters. Try having a look on 'useful links' and see where that gets you, then ask questions here and I am sure you will get a lot of useful feedback.