Is another Kristallnacht approaching?

But perpetrated by the Israeli right.

Not just Kristellnacht, memories of the treatment of other peoples with darker skin on the North American continent.

I am at the moment reading ‘Paris 1919’ a very detailed account of the convoluted discussions to re-arrange the world after the first world war and there were warnings way back then of the creation of the Israeli state.

Only a few voices were raised with the question ‘err, what happens to the people already living in Palestine?’ Over a hundred years later, chickens still coming home to roost.

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Yes, wasn’t Uganda the original idea?

Yes, it was, and it wasn’t that people were worried about where they would send all the Ugandans, it failed because the Zionists didn’t want to live there.

The things that have been done under imperialism and colonialism just take my breath away sometimes.


One thing we have to remember is that there is always one tribe that thinks they are superior to the rest.
This happens worldwide and throughout time.
The appalling genocides in Africa, the treatment of the Kurds, Hugyrs and the war in Ukraine show us that nothing has changed.


There are enough Israeli right settlers and army to cause significant harm believe me. It is the slow incarceration of the Palestinians that I find so horrifying, the curfew of electricity and sometimes water supplies and the lack of hospital care. However there is a difference between Zionist Israelis and those of the Jewish faith and speaking against Apartheid in Palestine should not be called anti-semitism.


Yet more houses to be built on Palestinian land.
This Israeli government is asking for trouble.
My home city, Lancaster, has an Israeli boycott.
Well done Lancaster.
I have been doing the same for years.


Last Friday it already has happened and closer to home than the Middle East. The Holocaust memorial in Nanterre was desecrated and threats to make “another Shoah” were made, as Jewish stores and businesses were set alight in Sarcelles. Somehow this story didnt make the French news. Nor does the record number of Jews fleeing France recently due to rising antisemitism, many going to Israel.

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I am sorry to say it, but this is not surprising considering the policies of the present extreme right wing Israeli government.
These rioters are not intellectuals ready to debate the situation, they see what is happening to the Palestinians and attack what they see as an outpost of
Israel in their midst.
The recent announcement of the building of 900 more homes on seized Palestinian land hasn’t helped.

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There’s a very unfortunate convergence of Muslim antisemitism with traditional French RW sentiments, together with those constantly mutating conspiracy theories and lastly, the Left’s broad anti-Israel stance (that pre-dates the 1967 war, having originated in Israel’s equivocal relationship with Apartheid-era S Africa).

And as if that wasn’t sufficient, we also have conservative Jewish organisations muddying the waters by falsely conflating international condemnation of Netanyahu’s corrupt regime and antisemitism…

What a tragic mess!


Significant cooperation on arms wasn’t it? Denel if I remember correctly.

There was a lot more than that and it extended over several decades. Israel would appear anti-Apartheid at the UN, or abstain, while having complex trade and cultural relations with SA over several decades.

Golda Meir’s opposition to Apartheid was an exception during this period.

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Good forward planning perhaps :slightly_frowning_face:

The phrase “not surprising” seems to be excusing generalised race-based hate and violence. Which is inexcusable.

After my initial post on this subject, I was reflecting on the defacement of the memorial and it struck me that it might be nothing to do with young French Muslims who are probably largely ignorant of the Shoah. OTOH the French right are well versed in all aspects of it including Holocaust denial. Might have been an opportunity to smear the Muslim rioters, whilst also sending a hate message to France’s Jewish population.

Question: have I just become a conspiracy theorist!!!

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You’d be better of quoting the part of the comment you’ve a problem with rather than others having to traipse off to find it. I’ve no idea what you’re referring to :roll_eyes:

Well, I suppose some conspiracies are true :slightly_smiling_face: Just spotting the true from the false is the trick.

I’m an art historian, not a journalist, but I’m also an academic whose basic instinct is to check the reliability of sources of information and the possibility of other explanations.

Increasingly I’m coming round to believing that the defacement of the Shoah memorial was a right wing act. However, this is opinion is predicated on teenage rioters’ general ignorance of the Shoah and their focus on physical embodiments of state authority or opportunistically raiding clothes outlets like Zara.

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No, it is being realistic.
The ingrained hatred of both groups, ultra orthodox Jews and radical Islam look for anything that can use as an excuse to have a go at each other.


Interesting article from the weekend.