Is anyone considering a TEFL Qualification?

Hi everybody,

Is anyone considering a TEFL qualification? If so, I have access to an 80% discount on 120 hour courses from TEFL Express, all conducted online. This might be of particular interest to anyone looking to subliment their income, as a little home tutoring can prove quite lucrative!

Just use this code at the checkout: Buddy1642698977

You can find out more here:

Thanks and I hope this is useful to someone!!


Of course! To book at that price next month, she needs to go to this link and click 'Redeem now':

and then when asked in the form, she should put this code where it says 'Enter Buddy code': Buddy1642698977

That way she'll have the 120 hour course for that price.

Does that sound okay?


Just had a reply from my daughter and she is very keen but broke this month and asked if she will still be able to book at this price next month?


That's excellent and thank you for the information.


Hi Norman!

No, not a problem at all - I'm living in France and have been completing a TEFL course online through TEFL Express (the same one as listed above) - your location whilst working on the course doesn't seem to be a barrier at all.

I hope that helps. If you or your daughter have any other questions then feel free to get in touch!


Hi Naomi,

I have sent the details to my daughter who currently works for a language school in Germany but wants to get a TEFL qualification and tech in France. She is studying French at the moment. Does it cause a problem that she lives in Germany?