Is anyone else being kept awake by adoloscent long eared owls?

This might seem funny but we have discovered that this is the sound that we hear about 10.30 each evening.

It is persistent and as I keep my windows open to catch a bit of cooler air at this time, it stops me from sleeping. The other night I had to close my windows.

We found the noise on the web and have played it back and the bird responds!!

You means scops owls don't you? The ones we call screech owls sometimes. Now one of those hanging around would make people wish they had a long eared type back and bless the lovely barn owl!

We love owls too, but not just outside your bedroom window when you want to go to sleep

We have them nearby, but I am pro-owl so like hearing them. It just strikes me that this year is topsy turvy though, they are usually generally quiet by August. But then we have had swallows gathering where they usually meet up later next month before their departure! The drought and heat are making things come out wrong. Mind you, when they start up again in the spring I rejoice. Yessss!!

Think yourself lucky Jane these ados don't have scooters! Scopes owl on a campsite is even more annoying. Bless 'em.

Would that it was a hoot. It is an extremely annoying piercing sound, as Andrew knows.
I only hope they nest somewhere else next year.

But remember Jane...they don't give a hoot...or maybe they do?

Andrew, this has obviously flown the nest but is hanging around and starts up in the vicinity of our house each evening.

Last night it was on the roof of the barn. Hopefully, it will clear off and find its own territory very soon.

Not anymore, we had one (he kicked his sibbling out of the nest) just in front of the house a couple of months ago and it went on for weeks. Thankfully it's flown the nest and peace has returned. Courage !