Is anyone having flu vaccine , that wouldn't normally?

I would not normally get a flu vaccine any year.

I stopped in my 30’s, when my otherwise quite traditional doctor persuaded me after a few years, that having vaccinations repeatedly year after year unless one is specially vulnerable, is actually bad for the immune system. I had had one very bad bout of flu a few years before and qualified to get it free but doc said really, don’t.

Now much older, still not having them, not had flu either ever again and hardly even a heavy cold for 15 years? at least.

But thinking perhaps any flu that comes might be specially vicious. As due all the Covid hygiene measures flu seems to have got suppressed as well. So if it comes back no one will have any recent immunity. So it could be getting dangerous. Especially if it combines with Covid.

I’ll be getting the 3rd Covid dose when allowed, next year.
Would anyone think it a good idea to get flu jab as well even if not getting normally? Or, will Covid hygiene precautions keep flu away another year?

My third vaccination will be in mid November and when the letter telling me to have a flu one too comes I will. I ended up in hospital for twelve days due to flu on New Year’s Eve 2019 so I’ll take all the precautions going :slightly_smiling_face:


why not ask your Doctor ???

I trust ours implicitly and he’s never let us down.

Lucky you.
I wish I had had the same experience.

Does anyone know if you can get a flu vaccine in France if you’re not in a high risk group? I’ve tried googling it but all I get is info for high risk people. In the UK I used to get it at Sainsbury’s but that not possible in France obviously. I’m happy to pay for it.
I’m trying to find out info for adults as well as kids.

ask at yyour pharmacy… they can give you best advice about whats available and when. in the past, i would order and pay for my jab, before i got old enough to get it for free.

18th october is the date it becomes available

Ask your MT for a prescription and pay for it at the pharmacy, think its about €8 and a few more for the pharmacist to administer it

You just buy it, and then pay €6 or so for a nurse or pharmacist to inject it. Until I got to the point of getting it free that’s what I did, But not for people under 18, they need a prescription,

That sounds pretty simple thanks. I guess I would buy it at the pharmacy?

Yes, but not until after October 18th.

Since I now interact with my teaching family and grandson down here, they bring all germs home known to mankind, or that is what it seems to me having been infected a few times this year already with all sorts of lurgies. Therefore as they get jabbed for the flu, so shall I after never needing one bfore due to living isolated and not mixing with children. I have also put off having the 4th covid jab but the rate has risen locally of 35% in a week of new infections, my own grandson included and that might be another one to have in a bit although I was informed it was available before the summer for me.

you might well be very wise to consider having the 4th jab right now… as you are mixing with kids etc…

the flu jab is only available from 18th October…
but you don’t need to wait until then for the 4th covid jab … speak with your pharmacy asap.

Think my DIL is going to get a block booking at their village pharmacy as she is pregnant and needs a jab. They offer Pfizer which is what I had the first two times and then Moderna which made me, my son and my family in the US quite ill for a few days and all our arms were really sore compared to previously.

good luck… :+1:

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