Is Europe being Dismantled ? If so what's the solution?

Some of the points made here have been made in discussions with friends and neighbours both in France and the UK…
Here’s a short film saying this is the case…

Well stopping the promulgation of alt-right bullshit like this would be a start.


Pretty certain that the EU will implode over the next few years. It made a fatal turn when it decided to become too political and interfere in member states affairs instead of sticking to trade.

None of the countries agree with anything these days and it has all got out of hand. Greece have been treated very badly and there now seems no benefits of it staying together, financially or otherwise.

Their anti Russian stance is another problem.

Perhaps the destruction of the Euro is on the cards too. I believe there are huge changes ahead for Europe and the world because the general public have been ignored for too long and this is the start of the revolution. Let’s hope Soros pops his clogs soon and then the world will be a better place.

Although that video is extreme, we are inundated with far left propaganda daily from the media that is full of lies. BBC, Sky, CNN, Fox. All these so called news channels are full of lies. Surely the problem is we are losing democracy and the right to free speech these days.

Hi Jane.
I agree with much of what you say…and I hate the standard left wing retort to any info that doesn’t fit their view of things…Information for people from any quarter, has the right to be out there to be scrutinised, not just dismissed out of hand, that is the nature of free speech, surely.

Stratfor have issued another Decade forecast for the World and there are separate sections dealing with Europe & the EU and Russia…Quite lengthy, but easy to scan read to the bits one is interested in…

I don’t see why this would have a lot of effect on mainland Europe though, since they have their own national media channels which tell alternative facts, and your average French, German, Italian, Greek etc doesn’t pay any mind to English media, partly because it’s not their language obviously but also because what the anglo-saxon world says, is of little interest to them.
There’s a widespread perception in Continental Europe that one of the goals Trump is working towards is to smash Europe (and is using Brexit as a useful tool in this), and there has been plenty of discussion on how best to respond to Trump. The consensus at present seems to be to play a waiting game, pretend to be unaware of his end game, and respond to each action when it happens.

I agree the EU has problems and needs a radical shake-up, and maybe it will devolve, but I think “none of the countries agree with anything these days” is a bit far from reality, and as for Greece being treated badly… do you see them leaving?

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Would you like to demonstrate the lies broadcast by the BBC ? If anything the BBC has become to lean disturbingly to the right.SKY I don’t watch nor CNN but that to suggest Fox News is a beacon of truth is somewhat bizarre given that it seems to me to be a fully paid up member of the alt-right and the Murdoch party.

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