Is Europe Falling Apart?

Perhaps it’s too broad a generalisation to say that everyone is out for their own country, barrie, when almost half of those who voted remain had a favourable view of the Union, which is a work in progress (and always will be IMO, it’s in the general way of things).

There are things I love about England but not everything is lovely and I have no reason to think it superior to any other country, all countries have good and not so good bits.

People worlwide are much alike I find: far more significant similarities and far fewer points of significant difference.

If closer unity helps to reduce tensions and unhelpful rivalries leading to hostility, then I support it.

If we value local unity, family, neighbourliness, community cohesion and vision, why is international unity such a threat? I don’t see unity leading to war, widespread destruction, and human suffering.

I don’t share your pessimism about the future, barrie. There’s a saying that the thought begets the deed, as the plough follows the ox. It’s why, when we greet our neighbours we wish them a good day, and behind the abbreviated form of God Be With Ye when we part company with them. :grinning::pray: