Is Europe Falling Apart?

With many countries in Europe currently experiencing some sort of crisis, is ‘project EU’ falling apart?

Is this now the right time for Brexit?

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Certainly not.
It’s the time for the UK to show the way but it can only do so by being in the tent pissing out :wink:

A rat leaving doesn’t necessarily mean the ship is sinking.

I am not calling anyone a rat, btw, I am fond of rats :blush:


National crises are like the rain in Normandy - either countries are in crisis, they’ve just got over a crisis or they’re heading for the next.

Its an interesting question. Both France and Germany have had grand visions for Europa. If France and Germany marry up with an agenda of total Europe its plausible that the others might feel a little left out. Can so many countries share a single political vision without division?

Is Europe falling apart? I doubt it - it’s the largest and most comprehensive regional economic group on the planet. Why would anyone want to leave it? Woops.

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Only an idiot would think it worthwhile leaving the EU. It’s reminiscent of Claudius instructing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet to England for they are all mad there.


With Merkel on her way out and Macron struggling to contain the GJ’s the EU could soon be leaderless with the direction of travel dictated by the likes of Juncker and Tusk, not a great thought.

The impending loss of the UK’s contributions and the crisis in Italy will give the EU financial headaches much larger than Greece’s debt.

Just out of interest Timothy, how much interest do you take in what the EU has done and is doing, as opposed to whether it will collapse in the future? Only I get the impression that you think of the EU as a nebulous (to use TM’s favourite word) concept that only exists inasfar as the UK perceives it. It does nothing other than what’s reported in the UK press, it has no debates other than those the UK is involved in and preferably gets its own way in, it has no leaders other than those that the UK media likes making fun of, and it has no plans other than plans the UK thinks it should have.

Maybe spend a few minutes browsing a few of the things the EU actually is debating/planning/involved in/concerned about?


Bigotry and stupidity for a start.


Anna, you do me and perhaps many others a service in sharing this impressive information-source on the work of the EU on so many fronts.

Shows what inter-nation collaboration, co-operation, resource- and burden-sharing can do to to improve human welfare and increase prosperity widely and equitably.

I’m reminded by that of post-war reconstruction in Britain in the 1940s when I was a child yet aware enough to sense and rejoice in the freedoms, optimism and sense of renewal our Goverment held out to us then, similar well-thought-out and well-administered strategies.

The community of European peoples is a joy and inspiration, as is its commitment to a generous and receptive attitude to the inevitable large-scale movement of impoverished populations.

‘The ripening of karma’, as some philosophies would put it. But I expect that may occasion a few sneers, groans, and possibly obscenities. Don’t restrain yourselves on my feelings’ account out there! :joy::+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Merkel has a successor and the Jilly Jones will fade away in time fed up with being blamed for the damage the casseurs have done. The budgets can be adjusted. I always find it amusing/annoying that France and I suppose other parts of the EU attracts people who are naysayers and gloom mongers when it comes to the Union but are quite happy to take advantage of the opportunity to travel and work freely that the Union provides.


More EU unity?

Part of the issue as reported in the UK has been delays at the border between Italy and France. I thought the border was open once inside Schengen?

If Europe is indeed a family you’d think France would be okay with Uncle Italy having a chat with its children. I sense much of the pretence is based on a shared set of political values and when they diverge cracks inevitably appear?

I agree substantially with Your Grace, but the pretence lies in the false supposition is that values are inert and unchanging things (“handed down tablets of stone” may be a clue)…

… rather than living, sinuous things that grow and evolve in changing circumstances, in which we ourselves must be actors and not just witnesses and commentators. The yellow vests are like the molten rock that flows from the earth’s living crust as it gestates and delivers new forms, new possibilities, new heights, new depths, new streams of life… :bat::hatching_chick::lizard::dolphin::octopus::leaves:

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France is in a state of high alert due to terrorist attacks and it is this which is causing delays at borders and queues at Passport Control at airports.
The shared set of political values fractured when Italy voted for the Five Star movement.

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The EU is heading fir a recession wether we leave or not,
I hope we leave actually, I have a great many reasons for this, the only downside to me is longer travelling times and getting a carte séjour.
Italy is in recession, Germany on the border , I expect France to follow as let’s face it they didn’t do anything to improve the system after the 2008 crisis. Macron started trying and look the protests have arrived, so the countries debt is going up and he will have to seriously get more taxes just to stand still.
I could go on but can’t be bothered as everyone else is pro EU, but only because it affects living in France, and travel arrangements.


It’s nothing to do with terrorists, there isn’t a fence along the whole border , it’s the réfugiés and France pushing them back into Italy, even seen stories taking people’s shoes and sending them back to stop them returning.

Is Europe falling apart? I’m sure people ask the same question about every 50/60 years. Anyone who live during 1939-1945 would think the current European problems was for amateur’s.

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It’s never been a union , too many different ethnic backgrounds, and everyone is out for their own country which is normal. That’s why there trying to push for all taxes to be paid to Brussels and a Eu army. And closer unity. But it will end in disaster in my opinion.

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