Is everything more expensive in France?

I am told that fixtures, fittings and raw materials are more expensive in France than in the UK. Is this case? Can anyone give me an idea of the price difference?



I think that if you are buying a significant volume of goods, then you should be treated with respect and given a discount for volume (whether you’re a registered artisan or not!!). This doesn’t always happen, so personally, if I am going to be buying a reasonable quantity of stuff and ask for a discount and don’t get one, I will take my custom elsewhere.

Hi Steven
I agree with Karen, however in response to your question regarding raw materials then I presume you are referring to building materials and general renovation products which on the face of it are more expensive here however unlike in England where the general puplic seem to be given the same prices at builders merchants as contractors then here that does not apply. A registered Artisan is treated with the repect they deserve and are automatically given preferential rates like it used to be back in England in the good old days which is one more reason to add to Karens pro’s list. One outlet that does sell cheap building materials is Brico Depot which also belongs to the Kingfisher group ( Castorama, B&Q etc ) but beware as while there certainly are bargains you can easily overspend on the ‘add ons’ as with all shops they have to make a buck somehow.


I buy a lot of small construction stuff from the UK, either by getting someone to forward me a order or having it shipped directly. Alternatively I plan in advance and buy from or or other French online suppliers, you can easily save 20% off high street chains this way. It’s a shame Screwfix don’t deliver to Europe but there are other companies that do. I think we should compile a list.

Example, I went to Bricorama the other day in Dax, I wanted a ‘telerupteur’ (electrical thing), they had one but it was crappy and I’d never heard of the make it was 27 Euros, so I went to an electrical wholesalers instead and bought a better one for 23 Euro (despite this being a wholesalers and me being a serial renovator I am unlikely to get a discount in a store like this like you might be able to in the UK as I am not a ‘professionel’ merely a ‘particulier’) because I was in a hurry for it, but I could have gone here and bought a Legrand (Excellent quality) one for 19 Euros. So with a bit of shopping around you can save money and improve on quality. And watch out - if you do find something cheap in a builders merchants don’t assume that everything they have will be priced similarly. You just have to shop around, buying online is the way to go in my opinion.