Is 'exasperation and contempt' (Archbish of C) for the aged - just a brit thing?

just back from long trip, sheer joy to be home again, I dont mind the leaks, me and the dawg galloped round in circles together sniffing out favourite places. I Read the Archbish. of Cs. report about stereotyping 'the elderly' and how they suffer from being treated with contempt & exasperation & wondered - Is this a just a brit thing?

Yesterday I did the death run, with a heavy suitcase - by metro, from the gare du nord to montparnasse accueil - lots of defibrillators and staircases, but lifts and escalators - almost NIL. It is miles of underground uphill desert.

Still - where was the contempt & exasperation, 'Paris style' - in the crowds, blocked by a uk oap'?

I look very obviously - The Fogie - white hair wrinkles, busted specs, and uggy boots - etc but the tidal wave of kind helpers was unstoppable. Amazing - I had my suitcase carried up every difficult staircase and a seat offered in every packed train, just as if people did that all the while, no big deal. Havnt been back to uk for years, is it true about the contempt etc?

One of my friends in the UK commented this morning in response to that story, about being told he ought to catch a bus at a different time of day by people pushing past him to get on. He was, in fact, on his way to work but people assumed he was already 'past it' and ought to be at home in a soft armchair or whatever it is we are supposed to do.