Is France better than Uk?

In the end it is not the years in your life that count it is the life

in your years.

Abraham Lincoln.

Yes indeed David.

I already have the beard Barbara.

Yes James I am fully aware of this but the topic was terminated.

David are you auditioning for a role as Santa ....Ho Ho,

Please don't confuse the confused James. Ho Ho

Barbara, we already have an active discussion on this topic, I don't think there is any benefit in having a second one, it may confuse people!

...hang on a minute, isn't the correct quote:

"it's not the men in your life, it's the life in your men?"

If Abraham Lincoln didn't say that - he should've - cos some of the ones I've known have been dead from the neck down. If only my granny had warned me!

And best avoid trips to the theatre.

Not a discussion but a reminder of a realisation which was relative to the

original topic associated with this title.