Is he just sulking?

Hi Chrissie,

any news? Did you find him or did he come home? And how is he???

I am thinking of you!


Will do, Regina. But first, he has to come back from wherever he’s hidden himself! I’ve toured the hamlet once and will do so again when it gets cooler and he’s more likely to reveal himself. I talk to myself as I’m going round and he usually meows an answer to let me know where he is and then pops out of his hiding place to accompany me on my walk…

Definitely not constipation as he did a big poo this morning.

My biggest worry is that he’s been chasing snakes again and got bitten.

Hi Chrissie,

if he still doesn’t eat anything by tomorrow, please find a vet somewhere for him! Cats can get dehydrated very quickly.

He really could have anything: from hairballs to constipation, something organic or something more serious which even innoculations can’t prevent.

Keep us updated!

Thanks Regina.

I’d already taken the whole collar off. I don’t like them at all (the first thing I did when he originally arrived was to remove his flea collar and substitute Stronghold) and had only put one on as a sop to my neighbour/landlady because Zorro brought home a baby bunny. Landlady is very fond of baby bunnies (she rescued it whilst I hung on to my little hunter) and a feral cat who used to nab them ended up on the wrong end of her husband’s shotgun. I didn’t want Zorro to suffer the same fate.

Yes, it is stonking hot - heading for 39C - here in the SW. I moved him (still in his cardboard box) into the shade and he stayed there for a while but has now wandered off somewhere. I’ve been for a walk around but he’s not in any of his regular haunts and - living in a tiny 4-house hamlet in the middle of farmland - he could be anywhere.

He hasn’t eaten today but that could be the heat, I suppose. He has bowls of water everywhere, including outdoors, but I haven’t seen him drinking out of them. He doesn’t drink a lot anyway as his food is quite ‘wet’. He has used his litter tray though.

He’s fully innoculated, the only cat for miles around, and steers well clear of the hamlet’s 11 dogs… could he still pick up a virus or infections?

The vet isn’t an option at the moment as I have no idea where he is. I just hope he comes back and is in finer fettle when he does.

Hi Chrissie,

first of all I would immediately take the bell off his collar! Cats have such incrediably sensitive ears and it is for them as if somebody would put a cow bell around our necks and we had to listen to the permanent noise. My cats all wear collars but the first thing I clip off is the bells.

That Zorro seems to be so passive might have several reasons. Is it hot in your corner of France? In this heat, our cats sleep a lot and just hang around the house as well or stay in a shady place under the bushes in the garden.

Is he eating and drinking? If not, you might have reason to worry. Does he feel hot and has a temperature? Even relatively young cats can get sick (virus, infections etc.) and if you are at all worried, I would not wait and take him to the next vet for a check-up.

All the best,