Is it a good time to sell my flat 65000

Hello All,

I have a large flat in the Center of Tarbes (65000) that I would like to sell. Would like to know if now is a good time to sell or is it best to hold out. Do not want the headache of renting it out. Going to live in a little village.


Can’t see a precise date on this, but looks more positive than in ‘21/22. As ever the price will be a decider as generally things that are the right price will sell.

How do you define “a good time to sell”?

A good time for your circumstances? Only you would know.

A good time to get the best price? It might be better to wait, it might be worse, who knows?

Though frankly, if you don’t want the headache of renting it out then the question answers itself.

I’m interested in the corollary - is now a good time to buy? Or should I wait :slight_smile:

How long is a piece of string?

I think you should buy :joy:. I know what you all mean. If anybody is interested, I have a flat for sale in tarbes.


I think if you are buying and selling at the same time it doesn’t really matter. The market is the market and who can predict the market? If it was that easy we’d all be rich. The important thing is do it and forget it :slightly_smiling_face:

yes John, though I can’t get €1.20 to the pound out of my mind at the mo…

Nevertheless, you are right, if the right place comes along then that’s the important thing! :crossed_fingers:

I’ve long got over that, I now try to time exchanges but don’t fret over the rate if I really need to change money.

I know the feeling, it’s like the last time a litre of petrol dipped below 1€. But “that way madness lies” :roll_eyes:

The apartment is in Tarbes, so it must be a good idea to sell it :wink: