Is It Cowardice? Or Is It Ignorance?

What to do in France when the dog of a neighbour is abandoned?

The dog is seriously sick now. Nobody want's to take responsibility. He is a good neighbour. He only left for a retirement home. Pour guy himself. But he left his home and that dog is the reality.

The guys, born through his semen, the breed he was setting into this world, just want to inherit his property. They are only interested in making money by selling the place.

The wonderful neighbours say the dog is not sick. They are saying the guy is a good guy, he's just in a retirement home.

Is this french logic? Or is this cowardliness to avoid a conflict?

I'm talking here about a highly skilled and socially a little disturbed Springer Spaniel. He was once beautiful. Then he was socialised by my Rottweilers and now this poor dog is full of all kind of skin diseases.

I personally can't take this dog because all the functionaers would chase me by giving me hard times to come to them, talk to them, walking on my back feeds, - I just can't do this. I also can't adopt a dog. But I can't see a dog dyeing slowly over weeks as I bring him at least some food.

For me this ignorance is kind of crime and should be punished. So what would you recommend? What can I do to help this animal without getting into the crossfire of village life?

Wishing you all a nice weekend!

This is the key, - nobody is living in the house now, means sometimes allegedly someone come and is feeding the dog. I will contact tomorrow our vet, let her deal with it. I'm simply afraid if I directly getting involved people will curse me for "interfering" in their life's, like they do when you are saying something straight forward and this is suddenly "discrimination" etc. Its this politeness nonsense...

Its more then indifference, the neighbours close know about the situation. I rather denial to avoid getting involved and then being blamed for informing SPA.

You should also go to the Gendarmerie, many now have specific animal health wardens.

Theo ... first where are you? There are associations that will get involved. If the owners are there and are willing to surrender the dog it is again easier ... the problem is if they refuse to acknowledge the situation ...

Sure the local SPA will help i couldnt stand back and watch the dog suffer

I don't know if it's cowardice or simply indifference, Theo, but it's appalling. I would contact both your local SPA and the Mairie and tell them the circumstances. The Mairie may send a local fourrier (is that the right word?) who would probably (hopefully?) take the dog to a refuge but on the offchance they're simply going to euthanise it it may be worth asking the SPA as well, at least for the best course of action to take.