Is it possible to block a person for making comments about me on this site?

Hi All,

I just wondered if anyone knows how to block a person from leaving comments about me on this site or viewing any of my details? I looked at the privacy section but its very limited and I don’t want to block my details from everyone just a particular person. I have had 3 years of being harrassed by a person in the UK who has serious mental health problems and they have now found me in France on this website, I really don’t want to put up with this anymore, especially as I’m pregnant and me and my partner are loving the french vibe, I don’t want be surrounded by this nastiness anymore. Thank you to anyone who responds unless its the psycho person of course!!

Thank you everyone, your kind words are really appreciated xx

Hi nicola
I know this is in hand but just wanted to say that i’m very sorry you are experiencing this kind of hassle. grrr. sending you virtual hugs! xx

That sounds awfull Nicola, I really hope you can get something done about it soon. Not much help I know.
Jane .

I’ve emailed you with regard to this matter Nicola.

Kind regards

James Higginson (SFN Administrator)

Thanks Stu and Carl, I will try both, why can’t these people get a life! thanks again

Speak to admin Nicola