Is it too early to be thinking about a Spring Clean?

I imagine if your kitchen floor is thick with caked mud, your windows have only a faint haze of light coming though due to their lack of sheen and the cooker has last night's cheese fondue stuck to it, you are probably going to shirk from the very thought of it.

Having risen from a horizontal position for the first time in days, I am feeling like freshening things up in general.

My sister and fellow SFN member Rebakah Brady, passed this link on to me as a starter for ten to get me going.

NOW!! I know we are not all living in apartments and high rises, but the sentiments bear out to any home, of any style.

I also think you could extend the entire idea to cover a bit more than just "the house" - it could include

- the garden

- the outbuildings

- renovation projects

- other family/ homeprojects

- and so on it goes.

So, come on SFNer's who's going to sign up?

I have already started on my list - if anything else it gets you to focus on small tasks to get the overall larger tasks reined in and eventually achieved. - not all in one afternoon of course!

You never know Veronique........

Any time is too soon to think about cleaning. Cleaning is my ultimate displacement activity - if my children see me wielding a cloth or broom or hoover they know that I have a pile of stuff to do that I really, really hate and am procrastinating.

I like things to be clean but getting there is a Sisyphean task in my house, it never ends and things look so much worse when there is a clean bit to contrast with the rest... eg the floor, there are 17 pairs of feet in this house and they are almost invariably muddy (though some belong to cats & the dog so not as big...)

What would be heaven would be to have a tidiness & cleanliness freak to come & stay who would love doing it in return for food, books, entertaining conversation..... any takers? ;-)