Is it worth paying £50bn to get a good Brexit deal?

From a recent YouGov poll

  • It is worth Britain agreeing to pay this sort of amount if it means they can begin negotiating a future trade deal
  • Britain should not agree to pay this sort of amount, even if it means the rest of the EU will not negotiate a future trade deal with Britain
  • Neither
  • Don’t know

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It’s not just a trade deal with the EU, it will affect trade deals with other nations as well if we are seen to not honour existing commitments.

50 billion € almost seems cheap.


It is not just what the Tory hardliners are saying, i terestingly IDS is for it, but saying thst it is not what people voted for.
I do not remember any large amount of money being mentioned, so how could we vote for or against?
It is yet another instance of Tory hardliners claiming to mind read the voters.


Bill? What Bill? There is no bill. Its to cover the UK’s existing commitments, the UK are not paying to leave, they are not paying for a trade deal, they are paying in what they have already committed themselves to paying in. There is no Bill!
Why should other member states pay all the Brit MEP’s pension’s or cover the cost of all the Brit staffs redundancy packages. Poor old French will have to spend a fortune revamping Calais and they think the Brits should pay for all of it. On top of the fifty billion there will also be fees for the transitional period and fees for the remaining membership period.


Trevor hits the nail on the head - this is to honour long term agreements that we already had. Which is why it is important in terms of our international reputation and ability to to deals with anyone else in the future.

IDS seems to being inventive with what he ascribes to “the people’s will”. People didn’t really vote to leave the common market as they were told it would all be easier than falling off a log and we could have access on the same terms as before for no fee, just put a cross here for £350,000,000 a week to the NHS.

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Absolutely Trevor. I can’t get why people don’t understand it. At least Hammond has now clarified it even if No. Ten still seems confused.