Is Livret A bank account worth it?

(lean morales) #1

I opened Livret A as a back up to separate my savings from my main account where all my bills are taken out, but when I need to use it I can’t use it to pay at the grocery or restaurants and use abroad.
Can you recommend a starling bank equivalent in France? Trying to avoid fees with traditional current accounts…
Thank you for your answer and I wish you a great sunny day ahead.


(stella wood) #2

Lean… why do you need a Sterling account ???

Can’t you simply transfer from Livret A to your main account…??? I do that as and when necessary… ah… but both accounts are € accounts… are you in a non-euro zone/country ??

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(Véronique Langlands) #3

A livret A is just a savings account, you don’t use it to pay for things, that is what your current account is for. If you want to use what is in a livret A to pay for things the money has to go to a current account first.

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