Is nobody safe from Tory malignancy and/or incompetence?

I hope there’s a special place in Hell for Johnson, his cabinet of sycophants, the Nazis in the the ERG and all the Tory hanger-ons (e.g Dildo Harding). These people have brought untold misery and even death to the citizens the are supposed to protect. IMO anybody who voted for them should hang their head in shame.


Oh come on. Someone must have voted and believe in them. They have an 80 seat majority… Where is the popular defense?

Even the Daily Mail is laying into ‘absent’ Boris and ‘arrogant’ Cummings these days… when the middle ingerland bible turns against a TORY PM there is no defence!


The Mail changed editor recently with Geordie Greig taking over from Paul Dacre which produced something of a change in direction editorially.

On vacation perhaps.

True, but it hasn’t moderated as much as I’d hoped. The Mail, of course, was a great supporter of the Nazis. plus ça change…


This is a significant productivity gain for the Home Office. It is much easier to erase digital only certificates then it was to have to physically shred all the Windrush people’s. That’s Shitty Patel style progress.

Edit: I should have added that this is only the start of the tsunami of unintended consequences from this whole stupid Brexit endeavour.


Gavin seems to be doing fine though…

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You really couldn’t make this shit up…

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The commentariat’s view on Williamson seems to be that he won’t go until the chaos that is bound to engulf the return to school in England materialises - then he will be sacked to take the flack for Johnson/Cummings.


Yes, no point in throwing him under a bus until the double-decker arrives.

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Oh, look - they found their scapegoat.

Does that really take the heat off our Gav? Or will the return to school do for him?

It’s always unsatisfactory to vote for the least bad.

But it’s where we are in politics these days.

How did it used to go? The buck stops here I think but not in the UK.

Just when thought it couldn’t get any worse…