Is Temperature sexist?

OH (male) always wants the thermostat higher than I do (female)… does this mean we should swap genders… :relaxed::wink::thinking::thinking:

and I thought that women of a certain age had ‘hot flushes’ so why do they need the heating up (or is that entering dangerous territory?)

I counsel the wearing of asbestos underpants for you, Graham, at least until the foreseeable heatwave dies down :scream::joy:

Hubby is always colder than me as well. Always has been.

However, I remember at my last job in the UK the office was always kept very cool and there were company fleeces available for anyone who wanted one. I always found my suit jacket too restrictive to work in so wore a lovely warm fleece instead, even in the summer!

and self flagellation at the bottom of the garden Peter?

Why not, Graham, if it gives you deep, deep satisfaction? . :sob::joy:

When I was young I was always cold (solitary coal fire in the lounge). They had central heating put when I was about fifteen which was luxury for a few days but then too hot. Since then the battle of the heating thermostat has continued unabated, and now we live in France it’s the battle of an extra log on the Woodburner. I suppose we all have a temperature we are comfortable with.

When we chose our home here in France it was in part because it provides two comfortable and spacious sejours on the ground floor, each opening onto a large kitchen-diner, each with all the comfortable accoutrements a man and his wife could separately wish for: both have handsome firepaces and cheminées :blush::heart:️:kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hers has the log burner. Mine has an attractive electric convector heater artfully and realistically disguised as a log-burning poêle with glowing coals and comforting flames even when stone cold. Perfect!

We each have our own bedrooms too. Hers is snug and warm with a fireplace, lots of throws and pillows and general cosy fol-de-rols, because she loves to be snug as a bug in a rug, and goes to bed at around 0400 am with shutters closed.

My chambre is stark and cool. I go to bed at bedtime and sleep covered with a light couette, usually thrown back. Being of a certain age I am usually called by nature several times at night, to reach under the bed for my *-. My shutters are open to let in moonlight, and the dawn. Bliss.

You may find, at a certain point in your lives, that you have out-grown dreary convention and social conditioning, and can be totally free to be as cold or as warm as nature has intended you to be. :hugs::heart:️:wink:


Ridiculous! If she’s cold she can put on warmer clothes!
So men prefer 72 degrees to women’s 77? Indoors 65 is warm enough for me; for both of us, aslong as our feet are war we are happy!

Well as my mother is elderly, disabled and also a sufferer of Raynauds disease the temperature in Winter has to be at least 25° for her to even feel comfortable !

Oh-oh! Don’t tell me thermism is about to raise its
ugly head. Or centigradism or fahrenheitism. :confused:

And warm-feet-warm-body is probably a minority opinion with, I think, a cultish following. Warm-hands-warm-heart has a much bigger constituency, with warm-head-warm-toes not far behind, and warm-throat-warm-hands making headway in the polls.

I haven’t got a dog in this fight, I’m cold-blooded like a fish. :fish:

Good one Peter, had a conversation with mum yesterday during which I told her I had managed nearly 40 kms on my bicycle. “Whats that in old fashioned miles” was her comment. :rofl:

Yup, it’s another of those “What did the Romans ever do for us?” thingies, they gave us the mille passus but we must have had shorter legs and smaller feet than the centurions, or tiny yards behind our hovels, cos’ we fooked it up, as usual.

One mile = 1760 yards or 5280 feet? :rage:

And Mum was right :grin:

Voilà Peter … :wink:

Thanks, Ann, very handy! :+1::smiley:

I think I need to see a doctor as I never wear a top of any kind during the day, this is in the summer and winter ? my wife feels the cold though.

I always had the coolest temperature in my office as I found it kept my mind sharp. but my colleagues hated it, luckily I had my own office so could keep it as I wanted. I’m still a ‘hot’ person even though the hot flushes are long gone. Husband, on the other hand, is usually always cold. So last night he had duvet and hot water bottle on his side of the bed, tucked in tight, whilst I lay on the other side with no covers and my ChillPillow!