Is that it?

The kids are back home after their various visits, school’s back in soon, we’ll be up at 5.45 to get them all ready before long (I’m not joking - every morning I get that sick feeling you have when you’ve got up for a really early flight!). The pool’s a bit chilly and a bit too many leaves are falling in it for my liking (it is still b!@@&y August). Is that it for summer 2011 then? Do I have to start looking forward to Christmas already? I hate Christmas by the way :slight_smile:

My daughter, son in law and 3 lovely grand daughters just left, so it all feels a bit ‘end of summerish’ but we do have bookings still coming in. AND, 4 of the nicest people I know arriving to visit in 2 weeks time with some friends of theirs, so that helps. Hope the pool holds on to some heat a bit longer, over 21 , and I can still cope, just! And all I can say is , when shall we have the next dumpling-fest??

Feel exactly the same James - and to top it all off my parents are staying and Dad was busy playing Christmas carols on the keyboard earlier today!!!

Ha, just cleaned the pool of around 3 hundred thousand flying ants (yes I counted them!!). I’m totally with you on this one James. Our pool has dropped from a lovely 29 to 24, which is just about useable if you grease up properly. Let’s hope we have the same end to summer as May/June. At least in our household there’ll only be me getting up in the morning. Both boys away at uni or “ecole” as they call it here, so Naty can have a lie in. I daren’t even start thinking about 29th October when the clocks go back. I’m convinced I get that SADS thing.

This summer has gone far too fast - not that we’ve had much of a summer yet. We have family arriving on the 7th september, so I hope we have an Indian Summer to come. Please or we won’t know what to do with them!