Is the Dordogne countryside ready for cupcakes?

Seven or eight years ago in London's Chiswick Our deli/cafe Fabouche sold some

very artistic "CUPCAKES" and a few years later they became the rage for London


Maybe I should open something here in my region?

With cupcake classes for kids?

Cupcakes for weddings and cupcakes for smiles.

Yes I would call it Fabouche in memory of my friend Stephen

who chose the name.

I have been asked to supply 2 local tea rooms with cakes and also at fetes I have been selling them for 1,50 euros each with a discount for a box of 4.

No one quibbles about the price as the are unique but to build a second kitchen it just does not make financial sense to persue any further so unfortunately have had to say that I can not supply on a commercial basis.

This does depend on where you sell.

The price.

Where are you living?

I make cup cakes and english style birthday cakes and have had a fantastic response from both French and English. Would love to add this officially to my business but as with many things in france it requires lots of paperwork and licences plus I would need 2 kitchens.

When I have done the sums its not worth the expense to market so just do them for family and friends.

Catharine in your spare time you can bake, decorate and market your cupcakes?!

Come on girls...

I'm about to order some fabric for my 'cupckake pinnies' I feel I need them in my range

I found fabric to make pinnnies with corks and corkscrews, grapes vines and wine etc!!

So I feel that ,now, cupcakes have to be done!!

I will keep all you cupcake fans informed!!!

David I am France

But a girl has got to live.

As I started 8 years ago with this display of art on a mini

victoia sponge cake displaying all the things that kids LOVE....from

flowers to smiles to hats to funny faces....I ask myself why should I not

fill my piggy box with a few euros.

It could provide work for some people helping to put the joy of

individuality into cakes.

Rose flavours, violet, eranuim, lavender, cardomon, saffron.

Maybe the Diana years were happier ones than some?

Maybe there are a lot of would be yummy mummies and maybe we should

all be gay and jolly about our cakes? is wonderful. That is life in bloom

With Lynda on this one - made my morning too!

They are currently huge in Paris (and prob other big cities) - there is one shop where they retail at 8€ a cupcake!!

Whether your average rural housewife would pay that is another matter....

I always thought the name cupcake was just American for fairy cake.

I can't understand the current fad either, but maybe there are some in France who would love to join in. Don't forget though that the French prefer bought cakes from the patissier or those packet sponges which are pretty basic but easy to run up.

Cupcakes are a a lot of work to decorate and fiddly to make so they may or may not go down well. Best just to test out on some local friends first.

David - you are responsible for my first, and possibly only, laugh today - thank you! "Highly decorated fairycakes" - love it! I've thought this for a while, but just never had the courage to share that view! But totally respect those who can actually make either fairycakes or cupcakes as mine only seem to be rather dry "flying saucers".

Nobody is ready for cupcakes Barbara . They are not artistic they are highly decorated fairycakes for empty headed yummy mummies and Sloane Rangers. They just about epitomise the nonsense which developed during the "Diana Years". Please spare us from this curse.