Is there a solution to the 'Calais Situation'?

In recent months the illegal immigrant situation in Calais has spiralled out of control, thousands are now camped up there and trying to force their way to the UK. The French authorities seem to be doing little or nothing but blaming Britain for the problem, Britain says it's a French problem!

In the last several days the immigrants have become bolder, perhaps due to their desperation, if you have nothing you have nothing to lose. But the situation can not continue, it's unsustainable.

I feel for the people of Calais, the truck drivers are fighting a losing battle and the British government is putting all of the responsibility on them.

I have no idea if there is an answer but the Brits and French have got to work together on this. At the moment it really is a French problem, the Brit authorities have no jurisdiction here and therefor can not resolve the issue, the gendarmes, local authority & the French government are the only ones that have the power to deal with this issue.

After seeing what's going on in Marseille with the 'No Go' estates dealing drugs and the gendarmes seemingly doing nothing about it, I fear that the issue will only get worse.

Has this situation arisen due to the E.U. open borders agreement? If so, then the UK were right to opt out of that one.

Peter Bird talked on the 24th sept about the way conditions can be improved....

well...he said that the operation is conducted by people of higher intelligence than his...

but have they got the right people in the jobs?

Not quoting what he said.....but highlighting the idea that there are always solutions...if the

right people are around to work on the problems.

That is where it needs to begin.

You do not need facts and figures or a ride through history to work out you need

to take the time to recruit well.

Yes Doreen.

And Jean/John Lennon was a dreamer.....

Have you tried Immodium Doreen ?

The little conundrum is that the title is 'Imagine' and the question whether the listener can imagine is asked throughout. That is still our dilemma. There is still no solution.

Soon the UK will sits on its goods, and the continent can't their things over on the island. The French truck-driver will block the port till they are not fined anymore (which is really funny that the UK has a office in Calais that is even in charge for the fines) ROFL... How funny politics can get when those political responsible are so bright.

religion...yes...but it is man made.

As I said the other day we all came from the same place....and probably go to the same

departure lounge.

It is all about power but the title changes into religion sometimes.

Mans search for power has become more intense and the misery, the poverty and the hate are

a bi product.

I am afraid that the Ebola virus IS another issue.....and keeping track of people entering

UK is vital.

The desperation is heart breaking....

But wall or village the situation needs attention....from France and uk.

I think peace along with prosperity Carol. Jobs & better conditions need to be created to prevent the exodus from less priveleged countries.That takes an enormous amount of money and goodwill. Sierre Leone is said to be currently one of the fastest growing economies in the world, certainly in Africa which is great news for all concerned but there is a fear the Ebola problems will put the brakes on this growth. Sometimes the answer isn't so simple....

Sorry Peter - this IS the better me.

However I have said my piece on all this and that I personally no longer care. I have no intention of being an Evangelist.

The future is not mine, but others.


Please NO! Don't start that, let's just drop it. PLEASE!!

Please Norman, you are better than that.

If SFN wants to have a religious discussion then so be it but let's stick to the 'Calais situation'. Why don't you start up a new topic about religion ? It will then leave the way open for the interesting topic of Calais with all it's minor tangents to continue.

Not a case of 'looking the other way' as you well know. 'Religion' and all it encompasses is a vast subject so let's give it a proper airing if you feel so inclined ?

Thats the way Peter, look the other way and will never happen.

Of course - let's let Isis, Al-Qaeda, Hama, etc., weave their merry way around the world shall we?

Funny but I don't feel a bit the same as them actually.

Quite right Barbara

I'm sure there are many like me who lost interest in this topic when religion and specifically Sharia Law came into the discussion.

Without trying to simplifying anything....BUT I will

No matter what religion we subscribe to....or not.

We are we are all the same actually.

And by going to war or even arguing about religion is absolutely crazy.

I'll stand beside you at the barricades, Brian!! All for one and one for all!


Come on, you are on very good form our Norman, therefore glowing at least.

Yes, me too on all counts. Bu**er all that bending down to begin with. Some of us prefer grace with age, do we not? I have 'bibles' from various religions which I bought on suspicion of somebody asking me to teach on a religion paper, always my weakest and anyway little interest since I am of no faith nor will I bother with atheist, agnostic or other labels, which makes me all round apostate according to the Qran. I don't give a toss either to be honest ;-)