Is there a trick that I haven't yet discovered

I have often wondered if there is a way to get to the latest post on a thread. I have just been trying to get to the latest post on a thread that has over 400 posts. I lost the desire after dozens of swipes at the scroll wheel.
Is there a trick to getting there quickly?

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There’s a scroll bar to the right of the threads, it’s rather low contrast so not that obvious.

If it’s a thread that you have read previously then it should automatically restart from the last post that you read.

If you have not read the thread before then I think you just have to keep on scrolling until you get to the end. I haven’t found another way yet.

There may be someone more tech savy than me that can help us both!

Its the scroll bar I have been trying to use. Have a go yourself on the Brexit thread with hundreds of posts.

Just press the End key on your keyboard…


Gold Star for Graham. You are a genius! :grinning:


If I want to read the latest comment I just click on the poster’s emblem rather than the thread…I’m on a phone though…x :slight_smile:

The scroll bar works though - and can get you to any post.

Look over to the right - you should see a date and current-post/total-posts like this


It’s rather faint but there is a scroll bar slider there, however you don’t need to hit the slider - hover the mouse anywhere over the date and the cursor should change to a double-headed arrow, left click and drag to move through the thread. It will update the date and the number of the target post as you drag the slider up and down. Release the mouse button to jump to that post.

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I didn’t know that and I’ve been here more than 5 years. Well done Paul. :+1:

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I certainly have no scroll bar as you describe, only the one that comes with my browser (Opera). Even if it is very faint there should be something happening when I slowly move my cursor over the space between the text and the edge of the page. Not a problem because the End button trick works immediately.

It looks like this in Chrome:


Don’t use Opera so just downloaded a copy to check - looks exactly like other browsers including Mat’s screenshot above - except that he obviously uses the dark theme which makes the slider easier to spot.

I am still a big fan of the dark theme - just sayin’.

(also just found i can set a dark theme in Office 2016) Link here

I’ve also just checked that Opera has the scroll bar, it does for me on Mac OS. Maybe it’s not working on a different version/OS. What is your setup please @anon31933596 ?

I’ve checked the Linux version as well - definitely there.

opera-stable_56.0.3051.36 on Fedora 27

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I press the number bar (e.g. this topic was 15/15, this brings up a vertical bar on the right which you can move up and down to take you through the numbered comments.

Another Gold Star to be awarded. I just clicked as Teresa suggests and the elusive vertical scroll bar appeared as if by magic. So I need to remember to press the End button on the keyboard or click the blue box to get the scroll bar to appear. It must be me but I have always had trouble using this site. Not really obvious or intuitive but OK once you have discovered its little idiosyncrasies.

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Glad I helped. I’m normally the technophobe asking for help.:joy:

I don’t really agree with this statement - I find it a doddle to use compared to other forums. I will defend @james on this - it is wrong to criticise the work of an injured man! :+1::syringe:


The scroll bar is only shown within topics. It is not displayed on the main landing page for a couple of reasons.

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